We believe that everybody looks and feels great with a dash of colour. We believe that Americans, the English, Australians, the Germans... you name it, underrate our culture and the beauty associated with our continent. This platform is the beginning of a movement that enables you, my client, to easily access high quality, well-designed traditional shirts for men. We undertake to offer you an awesome experience while doing that.

uGugu was born and bred in rural Mashishing. Like many in our country, humble beginnings meant that dreaming was the only hope that was present. Through many many years of hard work, perseverance and a whole lot of luck, he managed to become a graduate from Wits University. Now the hard work can begin.


Our vision is to get the most powerful person in the world to don a shweshwe cloth. Currently, that is Joe Biden. Wish us luck!


Our vision is still very far from where we would like to see it but I believe that we have started. Let’s do it together.

Gugulethu Nkosi