Ade Bakare is an England-born Nigerian designer with a self-entitled brand that has been around for over 25 years.

He specializes in ready-to-wear couture with a structured, feminine appeal which attracted high profile clients including some members of royal families. His work has been recognised globally, earning him invitations to major Fashion Week events all over the world.

Ade has also had collaborations with some of the top people in the fashion, jewellery and fragrance industries such as Pierre Cardin, Mikimoto and Elizabeth Arden. His extensive portfolio includes designing for film, theatre, political figures, TV shows and bridal houses.

Known as one of London’s most influential designers, Ade uses his knowledge and expertise to inspire and teach young and upcoming designers in fashion workshops and seminars as well as at the design school he attended in Manchester.

Ade Bakare is an intelligent and creative businessman who keeps expanding his brand and influence, cementing his name as one of the leading Nigerian designers.


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