African print dresses

African print dresses are all the rage this season. There are a multitude of designs, patterns, and colors to suit all women regardless of their height, size and body type.

These dresses can be styled for any occasion, be it a wedding or casual lunch, with jewellery and/or a headwrap. What’s great about these garments is that they frame the female silhouette beautifully, giving the wearer a more defined shape and a great sense of confidence.

African print dresses are commonly tailor-made from the Ankara, Kitenge and Shweshwe print fabrics either in the solid fabric or mixed with other fabrics to create more modern designs.

Having an African print dress is a staple for any closet in 2019. These dresses are bold statement pieces that are fun to wear, easy to style and will surely have you ready in no time.

African print dresses
African print dresses


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