Agbada is a traditional Nigerian four-piece attire for men, most common in the Yoruba tribe of Nigeria. However, it is not exclusive to Nigeria as it is worn in other African countries such as The Republic of Benin, Senegal, Gambia and other West African countries.

The agbada outfit consists of four parts: A large-flowing outer robe (of which the name ‘agbada’ is derived), an undervest, a pair of trousers, and a hat. This attire historically worn as a symbol of wealth and high status is now a wealthy part of modern African design.

Despite its voluminous nature, the agbada is not only designed for a perfect fit but is also a well-ventilated attire as it consists of different sized openings.

The simpler version of this outfit is worn on casual occasions and everyday life, whilst the more elaborate and heavily embroidered versions, also made from more ornate and expensive materials, are worn for fancy occasions such as weddings.

Gone are the days when the agbada was made solely for men as fashion designers have widened their horizons by introducing modern, feminine, and fresh designs for women.


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