Biker shorts

This may seem like a new trend, but believe it or not, biker shorts have been around the fashion neighbourhood for quite a while.

The late Princess Diana made this 80s fashion trend a big hit in the 90s. She was known as a strong individual who wasn't afraid to be herself; what was seen as a rebellion by some, was seen as freedom by others. The biker shorts trend was revived by none other than the one and only Kim Kardashian. It is no secret that she is absolutely in love with this style, thus influencer millions of people to jump on this bandwagon.

The biker short remains a tricky piece to style correctly, and for many older Africans, it is still quite difficult to comprehend. These ‘shorts' have caused a stir in the older generation as they have known them to be undergarments.

Many Millenials and post-millennials have fully embraced this trend and are finding cool new ways to style it. The biker short is often paired with a sports bra, crop top, denim jacket, oversized hoodie, the list goes on.

Whether you are in favour of, against or on the fence about this returning trend, the fact remains, it is relevant to fashion today.


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