Bogolan aka Mud Cloth

This is a handmade 100% cotton fabric that is traditionally dyed with fermented mud. The word ‘Bogolan’ means 'made from mud' when directly translated in the Bambara language of the people of Mali.

The cotton pieces are hand-woven on a loom and then sewn together to create the fabric. This fabric is then dipped in a dye composed of a mixture of dried plants and fruits which create natural, earthy tones that are striking and yet so simple. After the dyed cloth is sundried (to cement the color), the fermented clay is added to the cloth for the creation of the beautifully hand-drawn or stenciled designs.

This beautiful fabric is commonly used in home décor, fine art and of course fashion. The beauty of this fabric is that each one is unique; making this a one-of-kind fabric to own. The best part about this fabric is that the entire process is environmentally-friendly and completely organic.


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