Bucket hats

South African bucket hat / sportie
South African bucket hat / sportie

South Africa is no stranger to the bucket hat. It is a beloved fashion item in the South African market worn and styled by different groups of people.

The bucket which was actually created for fishermen for its functionality instead became a popular aesthetic adopted by the fashion industry.

Africans elevated the simple design of bucket hats by manufacturing them in bright coloured prints and fabrics such as the Kente, Kitenge and various tribal prints. On the other hand, it is more common in denim, cotton and leather fabrics in the western market.

The bucket hat was embraced in the 80s by the hip hop community who saw its potential and introduced the trend in music videos and album covers. However, this trend began to be associated with negativity in the 90s and was subsequently rejected by the fashion community. The trend was brought back into fashion with a newfound appreciation in 2018.

Locally, Bucket hats are still loved by the general public and are most commonly worn by Musicians, fashion designers, fashionistas, taxi drivers and amapantsula.


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