Updated: Jul 4, 2020

Buy african fashion from africans now
Buy african fashion from africans now

Only a precious few African designers have shared in the global fashion limelight alongside their western counterparts. Nevertheless, a new generation of designers in Africa and the diaspora have started to rise through the ranks of the fashion industry. Many new and talented African designers have emerged onto the fashion scene such as Christie Brown, Virgin Abloh, Kisua, and Duro Olowu; having styled for celebrities and political figures such as Her majesty, Michelle Obama. Olowu is arguably one the most successful independent African designers to date, but we need more success stories. Within the last decade, there has been a way of global interest in Africa’s cultural, economic, and technological ascension. Africans are helping to redefine the luxury industry. Africa cannot compete with high-volume fashion from other continents, but its immaculate craftsmanship and appetite for beauty naturally lends itself to the world of fashion. As the world shrinks and resources dwindle consumers are looking beyond old fashion capitals for new sources of African authenticity and for goods touched by human hands.


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