Updated: Jul 4, 2020

Clothing jeans that don't make fashion sense
Clothing jeans that don't make fashion sense

Over the years, fashion has continually evolved due to the influence of celebrities, political movements, cultures and climates and even though fashion is artistic expression, there have been some very questionable trends.

Speaking of trends, from the new millennium, fashion began to drastically change and become more obscure and less functional. Myriads of clothing trends that make no sense have come and gone over the past few years, but a few have stuck around and continue to baffle many consumers such as:

· Knitted tank-tops - these are not exactly functional in any season and oppose the purpose of both a tank top and wool respectively.

· Fake pockets – what’s the point of a pocket that isn’t actually a pocket?

· Tattered clothing – a recent (and confusing) trend that has seen people wearing clothes with holes and the like.

There are many, many more strange trends that have come and gone and as time goes on, there will be many more outlandish fashion trends that will be popular but still make no sense to the average consumer.


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