Idzila - The Ndebele choker

Ndebele choker - Idzila
Ndebele choker - Idzila

The Idzila is a series of rings made from copper, gold or brass. These gorgeous rings were historically worn only by married women in the Ndebele tribe of South Africa as a symbol of their bond and faithfulness to their husbands; it was said that the number of rings also represented how wealthy a Ndebele woman’s husband was.

This beautiful necklace has changed fashion on a global scale by being represented in fashion shows, movies and being translated into every day, easy to wear necklaces. The Idzila is more than a fashion accessory, it is a statement of beauty, loyalty and pride.

Celebrities Amber Rose, Ntando Duma and Danai Gurira’s character ‘Okoye' from the box office hit movie Black Panther, have been but a few famous people to adorn this regal piece.


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