Updated: Jul 4, 2020

Katungulu Mwendwa
Katungulu Mwendwa

Born and raised in Nairobi Kenya, Katungulu Mwendwa is one of Africa’s best designers who as of recent can be found on” The top 40 under 40” list

With great awareness of how African heritage is being lost due to westernization, she continues to reference African culture in her designs to preserve it and build its popularity. After studying fashion in the United Kingdom, she returned home and began creating her fashion line and brand.

This innovative and “woke” designer, has been a leading force behind the growth of African fashion alongside other designers such as Rich Mnisi, and has showcased her work in fashion capitals all over the world being affectionately dubbed "The fashion priestess"

Her fresh, trans-seasonal designs are a result of expert craftsmanship, modern techniques and innovative fabrics. Being true to herself and her heritage has made Katungulu an exceptional designer positively influencing and representing African fashion.


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