Kikoi Fabric

Updated: Jul 4, 2020

Kikoi fabric

Kikoi fabric

Kikoi fabric

Many don’t realise it but the Kikoi is actually one of the most famous African fabrics in fashion all over the world.

The Kikoy or Kikoi is a light and colourful fabric originating from the Eastern coast of Africa (mainly Kenya and Tanzania). It is 100% cotton, exuberantly coloured fabric made with a loom. The Swahili word Kikoy meaning loincloth or wrap was originally worn by men as a wrap due to the extreme heat in those regions.

This versatile piece of apparel is traditionally rectangular in shape and has a solid colour with stripes on the sides. In modern-day fashion, they are found in a multitude of designs and colours. This airy fabric is a staple for any summer wardrobe, especially if you love going to the beach or tropical vacations.

Nowadays, Kikoi can be seen on beaches all over the world as sarongs and beach towels, in everyday fashion wear such as skirts, shirts, scarfs or headwraps as well as household items such as curtains. This fabric represents freedom and the vibrancy of the Swahili culture.