Latest summer trends

The coolest thing about summer is the fresh splashes of color all over our nation’s canvas. Floral and lace patterns, print mashups, bodycon dresses, and of course everyone’s all-time favorite, denim.

One of our favorite trends right now are statement sleeves. This trend elevates even the most simple of outfits to a fun, chic or even sophisticated ensemble that can transform from formal to casual settings.

These sleeves add the drama, fun, and elegance to otherwise simple crop tops, dresses, blouses, and even blazers. The statement sleeves trend is easy to pull off, all you need to remember is to keep the silhouette of your outfit simple to amplify the dramatic effect of these cool sleeves and that the different styles stand out better and brighter on a neutral colour palette.

The next time you go shopping, keep a lookout for the bell, ruffle, and bishop to balloon-shaped statement sleeves to add to your wardrobe.


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