Leather, much like man, has proven to be nothing short of genius. The earliest recorded forms of leather date back to 1300BC when man, even in his primitiveness, recognised animals as more than a source of food and began to develop techniques to soften and preserve the animal skins.

Even though leather will always have a place in culture and modern fashion, it’s artificial counterparts are more widely accepted as they are less labour intensive, cost less to produce and most importantly saving the dwindling animal population.

Leather, whether genuine and faux, is a huge part of the fashion industry. Genuine leather specifically, is used in the creation of footwear, handbags, items of clothing, watches, furniture, saddles, etc.

Despite the growing debate on this material, it is still an integral part of fashion and goods industry demonstrated in its continued use as there still isn’t a substitute that can even come close to possessing the longevity, durability and beauty of leather.


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