Updated: Jul 4, 2020

Out of the box spiked fashion

Out of the box fashion which can glow in the dark

Technology has had a magnificent effect on the world we live in. it has greatly impacted all sectors of innovation and production and simplified the quality of life and of course, fashion.

The use of virtual technology has propelled the design of the majority of our favourite garments faster and better ordinary pencil and paper as well as allowing the unique visions of designers to come to life speedily and accurately.

A plethora of innovative, futuristic designs has been illuminating all over the world as technology has allowed for out-of-the-box designs playing with volume, height, shapes and light.

Technology has also created a larger platform for advertisement with the introduction of social media and online shopping. This has also allowed for recognition for all designers from any part of the world as their work is now accessible to all consumers.

The positive impact of technology has increased the success and functionality of the fashion industry and has opened more doors of opportunity for up and coming designers.