Updated: Jul 4, 2020

african print romper on black model
african print romper on black model

One of the hottest fashion trends right now is the romper/playsuit which is a shorter version of a jumpsuit. It is a simple but stylish, low-effort, one-piece look that can easily be translated for multiple occasions.

The concept of rompers was originally applied to children’s clothing but has since evolved into a trendy wardrobe must-have for the warm seasons. Usually short sleeved at the top with shorts at the bottom, the romper continues to evolve into many other styles such as the maxi romper which is a romper with a light overskirt or train for a more conservative or formal look.

Even though they are a trendy item already, rompers take things up a notch by incorporating other fashion trends such as statement sleeves, floral prints, lace, asymmetric hemlines and many more.

Though this is a traditionally feminine item, a new wave of rompers for men hit the fashion scene in 2016, Romphim, as they are commonly referred to.

Rompers can be found in many styles and fabrics, which of course include our beloved African prints. So the next time you go shopping to add to your collection, consider representing our African heritage in a Kente, Ankara, or Chitenge print romper.


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