The Basotho blanket

african basotho blanket from Lesotho
african basotho blanket from Lesotho

The Basotho blanket is a distinctive woollen tribal blanket worn by the Sotho people of the kingdom of Lesotho.

These unique blankets are distinguished by their designs, bold colours and various symbols. They each have a vertical pin-stripe that dictates where the blanket should be folded; this stripe symbolises growth.

The Basotho blanket became a part of modern-day fashion in 2014 when fashion designer Thabo Makhete presented her modern take on this historic traditional symbol of Lesotho’s relationship with Britain, at the Vancouver fashion week. Designer, Louis Vuitton followed suite with his westernized take on the blanket in 2017.

The Basotho blanket is more than just a mere blanket or fashion statement, it is a symbol of pride and identity of the Sotho people.


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