The Blazer

Updated: Jul 4, 2020

The colourful african blazer
The colourful african blazer

The key to any well-rounded wardrobe is the blazer. It is an important part of both men and women’s fashion today. The Blazer is a hybrid of a suit and sports jacket. Blazers are usually lighter than the traditional suit jacket and have a looser, more comfortable fit; the trademark of a gentleman.

They can be styled casually over a pair of jeans, shorts or even a cute dress or romper. They can also lean on the more serious formal side by being paired with matching suit pants, skirt or jumpsuit.

It the past, blazers were only worn by men and shunned when spotted on a woman as they were categorized as ‘boys clothes’. Through much struggle and controversy, it became more and more accepted for women to wear suits and/or blazers...hello power suit, it's a pleasure to meet you.

Just as every fabric deserves a design, every wardrobe deserves a blazer.


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