Africa has an incredibly diverse and amazing culture and full of rich traditions and heritage. African Fashion Week Toronto is an international event based in Toronto and is a celebration of African fashion. There is no better way of preserving culture and heritage through arts and especially fashion. AFWT gives African designers a platform to present their fashions and to preserve their vision but more importantly it gives the community an opportunity to celebrate the incredible culture through fashion. Designers from all over the world and Canada converge with the simple commonality of celebrating the diversity of Africa. Bold colors and patterns are synonymous with African fashion.

"The importance of AFWT is to build the future of the talented young minded individuals and the future pruenuers of today." Anita Aboagye, Co-Founder of AFWT.

In a world where Caucasian models dominate the fashion landscape it is wonderful to see opportunities for multi-cultural models and entertainers. AFWT is important for the cohesion of the African community and also the greater fashion community.