The Kitenge/Chitenge fabric

This is one of the most widely used fabrics in Africa. The fabrics come in a wide variety of colours and detailed prints; they are usually very vibrant and attractive to the eye.

The Chitenge fabric is sold in lengths ranging from 1m-6m. This versatile fabric is used as traditional attires in a few Southern African countries but mostly in the North, East, Central and West African countries. These Wax printed fabrics are not only used as traditional apparel but can also be used as a baby sling, sarong, and a headwrap.

The printed designs on the cloth are done by a traditional wax-resist dyeing technique originating from Indonesia called Basik.

In recent years, the Kitenge has become a symbol of African pride and women empowerment as more women are proudly wearing tailor-made modern designs in Kitenge fabrics, displaying the vivacious spirit of Africa.


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