Updated: Jul 4, 2020

African fashion business opportunities
African fashion business opportunities

1 = Fashion Manufacturing Unit / Factory

Africa is becoming a top garment sourcing destination and an emerging competitor for clothing brands and on top of this africa’s fashion industry is now worth $31billion. Having a factory will require you having a business based on the ground, likely will need you to make a move to Africa or frequently going back and forth – so this type of business must align with your life goals.

2 = Exporter of goods

At Africa Fashion Guide we export African fashion goods for our clients and customer. We not only promote 100% African sourced and made goods and work tirelessly to source goods from the continent but we in particular source blank products, and basic bundles of clothes to be able to provide you *|FNAME|* with an African solution to start your Fashion business.

Did you know that as well as oil and gas, textiles and clothing are important for exports. The organisation WE.Forum note for Morocco, Tunisia and Lesotho, clothing, shoes & textiles are the biggest exports. Equally is cotton a vital aspect to economies of Mali, Togo and Benin.

3 = Fashion label

Producing your own fashion label and brand made in Africa using African materials and production is a great way to start.

Africa’s fashion industry is worth $31bn according to African Development Bank’s Fashionomics Africa initiative. The international demand for African designs is growing and as a result more and more curated platforms for consumers to shop authentic African pieces are also growing.

In the next five years, Africa’s textile industry could generate $15.5 billion revenue. Africa will rise not by charity or aid but through investment and trade so business acumen and an understanding of this emerging market is key for developing a strong African economy and starting a fashion made in Africa label is a great contributor.

4 = Fashion Business Hubs

The Assembly Hub is a great example of a platform that supports to establish fashion and creative talent in Africa; One that fosters entrepreneurs and companies to innovate the face of fashion in a rapidly changing marketplace via specific tools and creative and professional development.

Entrepreneurship is on the rise internationally, but specifically in Africa. It is a key to economic growth and is helping to transform African economies. Young Africans have a culture of entrepreneurship, this fused with innovation and creativity is a contemporary solution that is helping to address the continent’s key challenges.

The impact of this business idea is that business hubs are community platforms that equips the members with the business tools that can help them get set up. These often include accelerator programs that will take members from start-up to growth stage.


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