Who made YOUR clothes?

Updated: Jul 4, 2020

Who made your african clothes
Who made your african clothes

The quick-paced, progressive and evolving nature of the fashion industry is amazing but costly. It seems as though there is a general lack of awareness of its effects on the environment and of what fashion really is.

As broad as fashion is, it still lacks a few important factors that can drastically change the industry. Some of these things are:

· Inclusivity - the unfortunate fact is that fashion isn’t very inclusive for people with “unusual” shapes and sizes

· Demand prediction - overproduction is something that needs to be eliminated because too many products are going to waste and end up being dumped in landfills.

· Educated consumers - most people don’t see clothing as a quality investment and end up buying what they don't need which then results in improper disposal of these items most of the times.

· Better recycling technologies – proper recycling technologies need to be created to combat the 98 million tonnes of non-renewable resources extracted from our environment annually.

· Better working conditions- we may not realize it, but there are millions of people working in inhumane conditions and pay to produce the clothing we easily buy and dispose of.

These are just a few key things missing from the fashion industry. It is important that we’re not only “woke" to social and cultural issues but environmental issues as well, especially since we contribute to them every single day.


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